A few days ago I came across a featured article by Boris Müller. Renowned Professor for Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

The article states that the internet lacks imagination.

I admit, that I don’t know Boris in person, but I started following his work during my studies at the State University of Design, Karlsruhe in 2001. Great stuff!

Where I agree: Of course there are web designers who don’t care so much about Typography, and Experimentation, and who think that Dribbble content is the ONE source for inspiration…

But, after reading the article several times, I…

Hula Skirt Siphonophore. Catalina Island Marine Institute

Biomimicry: A new foundation for knowledge engineering and a striking new path in recombinant technology.

This article is not about the next big thing devoted to AI. It‘s more than naive evangelism. It’s a humble view of how we, and other species model our internal worlds. Imagine, what great opportunities may arise by bridging the natural and artificial world of data processing, without praying for the next upcoming technology.

Artificial data models, that fit with natural data processing.

Our brains are so damn fast because they don’t rely on structured data models, but rather on organically grown semantics, concepts, patterns, empathy, and phenomenology. AI is not about relationships. So maybe it’s time to break with a long history of tech-based approaches. …

Vito Bica

Techpreneur and Designer · Former knowledge entrepreneur, University Heidelberg

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